Special Features:
• HDTV Antenna.
• Gain: 20 dB.
• Maximum Output power: 94 dBµV.
• Reception Method: Horizontal.
• Impedance: 75Ω.
• Connector: F type. Description:
• For reception of outdoor TV signals, compatible with analog and digital terrestrial signals,reception frequency: VHF88~230MHZ/UHF470~862MHZ (channels 21~69).
• Has high impedance matching and strong reception giving the antenna high sensibility, for reception of clear picture in weak signal areas or weak signal frequencies. Use SMT technology for better stability, to ensure the quality of reception within the valid frequency range.
• Reflector structure uses plane radiation function, which can effectively restrain the refraction that causes \\\\\\\"ghosts\\\\\\\" due to mountains or high buildings, and these multi-way signals refracted from mountains or high buldings pass through the complex elements to effectively receive the signals coming from different directions to obtain higher gain.
• Professional structure design makes antenna structure firm and easy to install. Signal output uses F connector for better shielding performance. Foldable structure makes packing volume small.
• Works great in outdoors, attics, indoor, mobile homes etc.

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